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Skynet Aviation´s Mission and Profile info page


Skynet Aviation´s Mission and Profile


Skynet Aviation is Aircrafts, Helicopters,
Warbirds, Parts and Memorabilia since 1997

 Mission Statement

Welcome to Skynet Aviation's World Wide Web Internet exhibit pages. Our Web site
is dedicated to Aircrafts, Helicopters, Aircraft Parts, Aviation Memorabilia and
Aeronautical display items. We have been in the trade since June of 1997.

We now supply different types of Aviation services.

We perform and carry out Aircraft Sales, Aircraft and Helicopter reMarketing as
well as Aircraft Leasing Solutions /DRY/ A.L.S or full /WET/ A.C.M.I.

We offer Special Marketing Services and R
esources for fairs, €xhibits and shows.
Aeronautical display items and SkyStar "fly it in it" simulators
Our resources
support and serve well on events like: fairs, trade shows, exhibits, expo's and
commercial and public business appearances. 
Learn more ~ 
make contact for
more details on how we can assist.
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We supply hard to find and rare to find parts as well as spare parts. From vintage,
WW-II, Post-war and up to the present Commercial/Civilian and Government/Military
Aviation. We are always in the process of looking and locating genuine parts and
memorabilia. This means that the inventory and specific items are subjects to change

You are welcome to contact us if you are looking for Aeronautical Display Items,
Non-Airworthy Aviation Components for Static Display Aircrafts, for Private Collectors
or Museums. Just email us if you have questions, or if you have a favourite item on
your mind or just in mind..

When asking or ordering, please refer to each item by the description or part number if
one is listed. All items will be shipped U.P.S. unless prior arrangements have been made.

Genuine spare parts or other parts have tags that will tell proper usage and application.
  It is always up to the purchaser to determine proper usage for each item they purchase.
  Memorabilia parts are sold as Memorabilia or Souvenirs from the world of Aviation history.
  Which we all know stands for innovation, progress, technology and engineering.

 PLEASE NOTE: Munitions List Items (MIL) or Commerce Controlled List Items (CCLI),
   MLI / CCLI property is controlled by the U.S. Government, and in many cases can not be
   transferred, exported, sold, or given to a foreign country, a non- U.S. Citizen / National
   or a non-permanent U.S. Resident, without a valid State / Commerce Department Export

*** Buyers and Sellers please go ahead and
read the information below:

IMPORTANT INFORMATION regarding New parts / material located in the U.S. below.
     General terms. IMPORTANT for actual Aviation parts / material and components.

This RULE IS NOT CORRESPONDING OR INCLUDING used parts / material and components
sold as Memorabilia or as Souvenirs.

Notice of Munitions List Items (CCLI),  MLI / CCLI. Unless otherwise noted, items for sale posted
under "For Sale or Wanted" may include seller (U.S. Resident) without a valid State/Commerce
Department Export authorization.

It is the responsibility of the Purchaser to determine what applicable requirements may be and
to obtain all necessary authorizations for licenses or approvals. The Use or disposition or export
and re-export of the property covered or included in MIL Aviation sales orders is subject to the
provisions of law referenced in the End-User Certificate DLA form 1822 dated December 2001.
Including but not limited to the Arms Export Control Act ( 22 USC 2751 et seq.)
Export Administration Act 1979 ( 50 USC App. 2041 et seq.) as contained under Executive Order
12924 International Traffic in Arms Regulations (22 CFR 120 et seq.) Export Administration
Regulations ( 15 CFR 730 et seq.) Foreign Assets Control Regulations (31 CFR 500 et seq.)
and the Espionage Act ( 18 USC 793 et seq.)

By accepting delivery of Aviation parts/material to YOU (i.e. the Purchaser), hereby represent
and warrant that you are not an Embassy, or any Agency or Subdivision of a Foreign
Government. You must provide to US (if item is located in the U.S.) ( i.e. the Seller),
a copy of the State / Commerce Department Export License or License Number which
allows you to receive and export the material that is the subject of sale. Parts listed may
not currently be certified for use on F.A.A. Registered Aircraft. Purchaser warrants and
guarantees that these parts will not be used or offered for sale or sold for use on Civilian
Aircraft unless proper certification is obtained from the appropriate regulatory agency(ies).
Buyer agrees to hold Seller harmless from all suites or actions and claims.

Questions or need more information?  Ways of contacting Skynet Aviation below.

 Thank you for taking time to read this.

The Crew of Skynet Aviation

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