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 Mil MI-2 • PZL-Swidnik MI-2 Kania • MI-8 P/T • MI-8 MT •  
MI-8 MTV •
MI-8 AMT • MI-171A • MI-171SH • MI-17 V1 • 
MI-17 V5 • MI-172 • MI-24 Hind • MI-26 T Halo F
[Миль] Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant Design Bureau JSC, of Moscow, RU. Overhauled
  or Manufactured at [Улаан Удэ́] Ulan Ude Aviation Plant , JSC [U-UAP] of Buryatia, RU

or [Казань] Kazan Helicopter Plant, JSC [KHP] of Tatarstan, RU. MI-24 & MI-26T from
 companies like Rostov Helicopter Plant, JSC  [Rostvertol PLC] of Rostov on Don, RU.
MI-2 Kania's from PZL-Swidnik of Poland.

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Mil MI-2 • PZL-Swidnik MI-2 Kania History


Russian Bear Craft, Mil Mi-2 'Hoplite' is
NATO´s name for it.
Mil [Миль] is the
short name of the Russian Federation
helicopter producer Mil Moscow Helicopter
Plant Design Bureau. The MIL MI-2 and
PZL-Swidnik Kania MI-2 is powerd by
 two jets,
Isotov GTD-350 Jet engines  with 431 shp
on each engine.

Private home video feature: Hughes 500C
versus MIL MI-2 with a little help from Elvis ..

More Mil MI-2 • PZL-Swidnik MI-2 Kania Information and History


The Mi-2 is powered by two Jet turbine
engines. The first MIL MI-2 Helicopter
was manufactured in 1965. Production
ended in late 80:th. Over 5.500 MIL MI-2
unit´s was built. On the other hand.. 
The PZL-Swidnik Kania MI-2 Helicopter
is an direct derivate from the MIL Mi-2
Helicopter. PZL-Swidnik Kania was
manufactured in Poland. Production
ended in 1986. Some 7,250 units was
built of the PZL-Swidnik Kania MI-2.


The test flight of the PZL-Swidnik
Kania MI-2 prototype was
performed on June 6th, 1979. The
standard nautical range for the
MI-2  is 580 km (if pushing the limit).

Mil MI-2 • PZL-Swidnik MI-2 Kania Helicopter Specs


MI-2 Specs:
Length: 39 ft
Height: 12.3 ft
main rotor dia: 47.7 ft
number of main rotorblades: 3
number of tail rotorblades: 2
engine: x2 Isotov GTD-350
(s)hp/engine: 431hp x2
empty weight: 5,214 lbs
max. weight: 8,140 lbs
slung load: 1,762 lbs
max speed: 130 mph
range: 212 mile
service ceiling:
13,000 ft. is max.

Today the MI-2 ''legacy'' just continues ..


The PZL-Swidnik Kania MI-2 legacy
is today continued at PZL-Swidnik SA
in the new MI-2 Plus and PZL Kania..
PZL Kania is a light multirole helicopter.
It has 2x Rolls-Royce Allison 250-C20B
turboshaft engines at 426shp / 313 kW each.
All blades are made of glassfiber/epoxy
compsite with integrated power de-icing
system. The PZL-Kania Mi-2plus can handle
operation day or night, VFR or IFR in all
weather conditions. Payload of MTOW:
3550kg / 7826lb, or 2 crew and 8 pax.

The PZL's Sokol is ''So cool'' ..


The PZL W-3A Sokol is
a CAT A medium size
twin engine helicopter. Each engine at
900 shp take-off power. The PZL W-3A Sokol
is capable to continue flight on only one
engine operative. The maximum Take-Off
weight is of 6,400kg, payload of 2 crew and
12 pax. Available in VIP configurations.
The PZL W-3A Sokol is truly a Multifunctional
helicopter which fits roles like 
Search and
Rescue [land, off-shore or water], EMS,
Medical missions, Passenger or Cargo missions,
Firefighting and Supression, Law Enforcement,
and Military Service Combat Support missions.

Mil MI-8/Ми-8 Series Information and History


M The Mil Mi-8 [Ми-8], called by NATO
"The Hip". MI-8 is a medium twin turbine
utility, transport and gunship helicopter.
1:st prototype [W-8] first flight was on
July 9:th 1961. Powered by a AI-24V.
The 2:nd prototype first flight was on
September 17:th 1962. It was upgraded
with two AI-24V engines. Later named
Mil Mi-8 [Ми-8] and introduced to the
Soviet Air Force in 1967. The MI-8 is
in numbers one of the world's most
produced helicopter. The Mi-8 [Ми-8] is
currently used in more than 50 countries
world wide. Worth remembering is that
the marines Mi-14, the transport MI-17,
MI-18 and the attack Hinds the Mi-24/35
are direct derivates from the Mi-8 success ..

Mil MI-8's Helicopter Specs


Later production MI-8 [T/MTAMT]Specs:
Capacity: 3 + 24 or 36 passengers or
12 stretchers and 1 seat for medicare
3,000 kg/6,600 lb on int/ext hardpoints

Length: 18.17 m/59 ft, 7 in
Rotor diameter: 21.29 m/69 ft, 10 in
Height: 5.65 m/18 ft, 6 in
Disc area: 356 m² /3,832 ft²
Empty weight: 7,260 kg/16,007 lb
Loaded weight: 11,100 kg/24,470 lb
Max takeoff weight: 12,000 kg/26,455 lb
Engine x2: Klimov TV3-117MT Turboshafts,
1,454 kW / 1,950 shp each Klimov.
Older production MI-8 T/P's / Hip's engines:
Mi-8T: x2 Klimov TV2-117A Turboshafts, 
1250-kW 1,677-shp each Klimov.
Total Fuel Capacity: 3,700 L / 977 Gallos.

Mil MI-8's Helicopter Specs contig.


Older production MI-8's Performance:
Maximum speed:
250 km/h/134 kt
Later production MI-8's Performance:

Maximum speed: 260 km/h/140 kt
Range: 450 km/280 mi
Ferry range: 960 km/596 mi
Service ceiling: 4,500 m/14,765 ft
Armament if dressed:
1,500 kg/3,300 lb on six hardpoints,
incl. rockets 57 mm S-5 rocks, bombs,
9M17-Phalanga ATGM's, and auto-gunpods.

Mil Mi-17's Helicopter Specs


Mi-17'V Series Specs - 2004 >
Capacity: 3+32 pax or 4,000 kg/8,800 lb
internal or 4,500 kg/10,250 lb external
Length: 18.42 m/60 ft, 5 in
Height: 4.76 m/15 ft, 7 in
Rotor diameter: 21.352 m/69 ft, 10 in
Empty weight: 7,100 kg/15,700 lb
Loaded weight: 11,100 kg/24,470 lb
Max takeoff weight: 13,000 kg/28,700 lb
Engines x2: Klimov TV3-117VM turboshafts
1,450 kW / 2225 shp on each Klimov.
Max speed: 250 km/h/156 mph
Range: 950 km/594 miles
Service ceiling: 6,000 m/19,690 ft
Rate of climb: 8 m/s (1,575 ft/min)
Fuel per hr: 600 kg/hr/1,320 lb/hr
Armament if dressed:
1,500 kg/3,300 lb on six hardpoints,
incl. rockets 57 mm S-5 rocks, bombs,
9M17-Phalanga ATGM's, and auto-gunpods.

• MI-8 and MI-17 Helicopter Components & Parts •


We are working with Sources within the Russian
Federation for MI-8 and MI-17 Series Helicopter Components
and Parts. Contact Skynet Aviation for price indications and
delivery schedules. NOTE:
Prices are subject to change
therefor make sure to inquire with us ONLY
a few weeks before actual order will take place.
We can
also arrange for equipment and tools dirctly refering to
MI-8 and MI-17 Series Helicopters.
Example of Spare parts;
Spares for tail boom, main rotor blades, collective pitch
control, fuel system, e
ngine oil system, gear box oil system,
pneumatic system, auxiliary power unit, hydraulic system,
electrical power system, landing gears, 
dust protection
system, Consumable materials,
Spare parts & tools for
Optional Equipment,
Removable Equipment, Auxiliary
ATK / Airborne Tools Kit etc.

SkyFacts & SkyTips


     SkyTips - PLEASE NOTE:

We have several PZL MI-2 Helicopters ready
for Sale or Lease. We can supply MI-2, MI-8,
MI-17 and MI-26 in Experimental,
Restricted, X-Mil or Standard Category.

We can supply/arrange
PZL-Swidnik spare
parts, technical assistance, maintenance,
annuales, 100H services etc, pilot or mech
training and more.

In a need for more information?
Qualified please contact Skynet Aviation

We have additional copies of the following
manuals for Sale, they a
ll are in English !

Helicopter Mi-2 Flight Manual,
PZL-Swidnik 1981, 196 pages.

Helicopter Mi-2 Maintenance Manual,
PZL-Swidnik 1978, 447 pages.

Operating and Service Instructions for
Isotov GTD-350 Jet Turbine Engine,
WSK Rzeszów 1993, 270 pages.

Helicopter Mi-2 Maintenance Manual
Equipment, PZL-Swidnik 1985, 182 pages.

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