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Experimental LSA Aircrafts for Sale

Qualified Buyers and Sellers contact Skynet Aviation

  Note: Legally and morally this is how it works, personally all will like it this way..          
All specifications subject to Buyers verification.                                                       
All inspection and verifications subject to prior sale.                                                
           All Aircraft sales offers are subject to availability or withdrawal from the market.             
Remarks: Contact by phone only!                                                                                 

 Phone: +44-750910-8896 - London GMT 10am ~ 5pm, Monday ~ Friday


GY 20 Gardan Minicab Project for Sale


GY 20 Gardan Minicab (Sipa) Project
with Continental A65a engine
This is one of only 160 kits ever. This kit is
almost ready in the wood works, fuselage,
wings and landing gears are compleated in
the metall works. The engine is an orginal
Continental A65a, 4-cylinder, 65 hp (48 kW)
which gives a top speed of 198 km/h or
123 mph & a range of  500 km or 310 miles.
A typical ceiling of 4,000 m/13,123 feet.
Quick history of the GY 20 Minicab:
The CAB Minicab is a two-seat light aircraft.
Crew and capacity 1 pilot and 1 passenger.
Gy 20 Minicab was built in France after the
WW II (1948), first flight was in 1949.
The GY 20 is a down scaled variant of the
SIPA 90. An other aircraft that Yves Gardan
designed. In 1950 a Minicab broke the
world air distance record for its class
1,825 km, or 1,138 miles. In 1952 GY 20
got the world airspeed record for its class
over a 2,000 km circuit, with an average
speed of 183 km/h or 114 mph.
Buyer need to reset all AC and Eng. docs
in the Experimental category with local
EEA when compleating kit.
Engine needs OH and reset doc.
Pricing Aircraft GY 20: Only € 900.
Engine Continental A65a: € 1,800.
In a need for more information?

Buyers contact Skynet Aviation



GY 20 Gardan Minicab Sipa Specs


GY 20 Gardan Minicab Specs
Length: 5.45 m / 17 ft 11 in
Height: 1.65 m / 5 ft 5 in
Wingspan: 7.60 m / 24 ft 11 in
Wing area: 10.0 m² / 108 ft²
Empty weight: 265 kg / 584 lb
Gross weight: 480 kg / 1,058 lb
Engine: Continental A65, 4-cylinder, 65 hp 
Maximum speed: 198 km/h / 123 mph
Range: 500 km / 310 miles
Service ceiling: 4,000 m / 13,120 ft




Buy & Sell your Quickie Q2, Q200, Tri-Q & Dragonfly right here!


Quickie Q2/200 apx Specs:
Range: 478 nm/885 km/550 mi
Top Speed: 174 kts/322 kmh/200 mph
Cruise: 122 kts/226 kmh/140 mph
Climb: 1,200 ft/min / 6.1 m/sec
Gross Weight: 1,000 lbs / 454 kg
Empty Weight: 490 lbs / 222 kg
[SNA file photograph.]
Watch-a-Video!  Great Quickie Q Clips ..
A Real Quickie
-------------  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -   -------------
Quickie Q2 Q200 flying
-------------  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -   -------------



Rutan Quickie Q200


Rutan Quickie Q200
Q200 fuselage assembled.
Fuel tank in place, gears installed.
Includes all the hardware for the
flight controls. The wings and
fuselage are primed.
Pricing: - SOLD -



Rutan Quickie Q2 Parts Wanted


Homebuilder Parts Wanted
Rutan Quickie Q 2
2-seat version project need parts
to continue. Pls send list with prices of all
Q2 or Q200 parts that you will sell.

Seller contact Skynet Aviation



Rutan Quickie Q2 for Sale


Rutan Quickie Q2 for Sale
Parting out project price from €1.100.
Built to +50% never airborne.
Only phone c a l l s!! No emails.
Self pickup or work/handling at your cost.
Naturally pre-payment praxis is in effect.
Quick info:
2-seater version project for
sale. One of 2.000:nd sold Q2
 Landing gears mounted
and V-fin mounted to fuselage.
Comes with some flight controls
etc. F
uselage assembled.
The wings and fuselage
are primed. No VW-engine.
Location: Stockholm, Sweden. 
Only phone c a l l s!! No emails.
Buyers contact Skynet Aviation



Rutan Long-EZ LS Canard for Sale


Rutan Long-EZ
2-seat version kit project
for sale.
Comes with
the flight controls, Landing
gears, Wheels, Canopy,
breaks, spinner, and more.
More than a hundred
new parts to AC.
Only apx. 30% to go..
Need $16.000 for it all..
[SNA file photograph.]
- SOLD -

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